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Frequently Asked Questions | Frio River Resorts

CELL PHONE: ATT is the only cell phone provider in the Concan area.

PROPERTY LOCATION: GPS, Google, or Map Quest will not be able to locate the property you are staying at. We are a rural area and the addresses are for 911 responders and are not official postal addresses. Each property on the web site has a local locator map and will give instructions when you click to enlarge the map.

SPECIAL EVENTS ON DISH/DIRECT: Pay-For-View on satellite television cannot be purchased by our guests.

REFRIGERATORS: work best on the “Recommended Setting”. If you alter the setting, the unit may freeze up and not cool at all. Also read yellow info card on refrigerator.

SWIMMING POOLS: If pools need attention, report it immediately so that we can have someone tend to it.

WIFI: If your property has WiFi, the code is on the refrigerator.

ATVs, UTVs, Mules, Polarises, and Golf Carts: are prohibited in most subdivisions in Concan. Do not bring one without checking with us. If you do, the unit will be required to be left on the trailer.

CANCELLATION: A refund for cancellation will only be provided if we rebook the EXACT same nights you reserve and cancel, in which case we will refund 50% of the total nightly rent paid, less a $250.00 cancellation fee. This refund will be provided after the new stay has occurred. As an example, if you book arrival June 15, departure June 20, and subsequently cancel, and we rebook those same arrival and departure dates, the refund policy will activate. However, if we are unable to rebook or are only able to book a portion of that stay, no refund will be given. Frio River Resorts, LLC does not issue refunds due to acts of nature including but not limited to drought, weather, road conditions, flooding, power outages, or forest fires, or for your inability to travel. Any revision of a reservation will require a $100.00 fee and will only be considered if there are at least 46-days prior to the originally scheduled arrival date. A revision resulting in a reduction in the number of days reserved or a downgrade may only be requested if there are at least 180-days prior to the originally scheduled arrival date.

RVs: No RVs, trailers, or tents are allowed in any subdivision in Concan.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Firearms, fireworks, confetti filled eggs, cascarones, glitter, sidewalk chalk, "silly string" or water balloons are not permitted at our properties. We will charge an extra $100 cleaning fee if any residue is found.

EQUIPMENT ABUSE OR IMPROPER USE: Do not change cables or settings to TVs, Stereos, refrigerators, swimming pools pumps or timers. A minimum $100 fee to reset equipment will be charged. Setting a/c systems below 68 degrees is considered improper use and a charge of $75 to have a serviceman check the unit will be charged to your credit card.